Japanese Entertainment Powerhouse Amuse, Inc Partners with LA-Based 4 SOUND to Break Talent Globally; Sets eyes on pop group AFTER ROMEO

Los Angeles, CA – Over the course of 38 years, Amuse, Inc. has become one of Japan’s largest entertainment companies. With footholds in all major Asian markets, Amuse offers a wide range of services such as, artist management, marketing and promotion, event planning and management, and TV, film, and musical production, to the region’s top artists: BABYMETAL, ONE OK ROCK, Perfume, and more.


(L to R: Rumiko Ichige, Jonnie Forster, Tatsuro Hatanka)


Yielding over $328 million (USD) in sales last year alone, Amuse takes their full-scale marketing approach global through forming Amuse Group USA, a partnership with Los Angeles-based entertainment company, 4 SOUND.

Music industry veteran Jonnie Forster founded 4 SOUND in 2010, which provides artist management, development, and production services here in the U.S. yet with increased focus on artist integration and branding in the Asian market.

Aligning Amuse and 4 SOUND seems only natural.

Intro the global venture: Amuse Group USA

Combining years of experience in different territories with a focus on strategic partnerships, will create a solid foundation for artists to grow exponentially, achieve global name recognition, and pave the way for a very successful career on a worldwide scale. 

Tatsuro Hatanaka, President of Amuse, has a strong knowledge of the entertainment industries in Japan and Asia.  He feels that “[they] are very fortunate to have met someone like Jonnie, who is equipped with A&R talent, and develops artists with sincerity and passion. With Jonnie’s assistance, we look forward to learning about the US market in greater detail.”

Jonnie Forster has worked with most of the large Asian entertainment companies, yet he is “extremely fascinated by Amuse’s diversified business model.” Forster adds that, “partnering with Amuse, the artists we put through our venture will have ample resources for domestic A&R, marketing, and promotion as well as one of the most revered teams in Asia guiding their careers abroad.”

Amuse brings a stellar track record in artist representation while maximizing creative development and profitability throughout Asia, 4 SOUND brings an extensive industry background combined with an expertise in blending the strengths of both the Japanese and American approach to the industry. The first of a slate of releases will be American pop band After Romeo, Amuse Group USA’s first international client.

Amuse executives recently attended After Romeo’s Tokyo show, and witnessed a high-energy performance with outstanding production quality that piqued their interest. Impressed by the fanatic reactions and overall vision, Amuse immediately knew they wanted to be involved in introducing and integrating the band into Asian territories. 

The new joint venture will provide 4 SOUND with additional financial and social capital resources to support A&R, marketing and promotions in the U.S. and simultaneously executing all marketing and promotional strategies in Asia.

Drew Ryan Scott, member of After Romeo, and coincidently, one of the biggest songwriters in the JPOP and KPOP genres adds, “Asia has always been great to me and After Romeo. Now with Amuse coming in, we immediately felt their passion for After Romeo’s success. They’re definitely motivating us to write bigger songs, rehearse with more purpose, and be ready for what’s in store, as they help us make this huge next step in our careers.”

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